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The word that best describes Saint Junipero Serra is "Zeal". It was a spirit that came from his deep prayer and dauntless will.

Serra Club of Erie Recognizes 2022 Jubiarians

Every year the Serra Club of Erie hosts a luncheon at the Erie Yacht Club to recognize and honor priests and religious sisters working in the diocese of Erie who are celebrating jubilee years. For the past two years the club was unable to hold the event because of the pandemic. This year the club wanted to hold a live luncheon event to honor them, but after consulting with the religious orders in the diocese, it was decided not to because of lingering concerns over covid. Since the Jubilarians were unable to be recognized at an in-person event, Tom Guelcher, president of the Serra Club of Erie, met with each local order of sisters and gave them certificates recognizing their years of service to the diocese of Erie. Priests and deacons within the Erie area were given their certificates and those outside of the Erie area were mailed their certificates.

The Erie Benedictine community had four sisters celebrating a Jubilee:

Sister Mary Louis Eichenlaub, O.S.B. – 70 years

Sister Cecilia Sullivan, O.S.B. – 70 years

Sister Theresa Zoky, O.S.B. – 60 years

Sister Linda Romey, O.S.B. – 25 years

The Sisters of Mercy had eight members being honored for their service:

Sister Mary Mark McCarthy, R.S.M. – 75 years

Sister Phyllis Marie McDonald, R.S.M. – 75 years

Sister Bernadette Bell, R.S.M. – 70 years

Sister Mary Paul Carioty, R.S.M. – 70 years

Sister Mary Felice Duska, R.S.M. – 70 years

Sister Natalie Rossi, R.S.M. – 60 years

Sister Teresa Okonski, R.S.M. – 60 years

Sister Patricia Whalen, R.S.M. – 60 years

The Sisters of St. Joseph of Northwestern Pennsylvania Jubilarians included these five sisters:

Sister Rose Marie Chisholm, S.S.J. – 75 years

Sister James Francis Mulligan, S.S.J. – 75 years

Sister Ann Patrice Murnock, S.S.J. – 70 years

Sister Mary Arnold Tann, S.S.J. – 70 years

Sister Ricarda Vincent, S.S.J. – 70 years

Speaking for the Sisters of St. Joseph Jubilarians, Sister Ricarda Vincent said “We deeply

appreciate the recognition, awards and accolades given by the Serra Club. Their encouragement

and the support of the laity increases our motivation to serve the Catholic community of the

Diocese of Erie well. We are energized by that support.”

One other religious sister active in the diocese of Erie celebrated a jubilee year as well:

Sister Rita Lynch, M.H.S.H. – 60 years; Mission Helpers of the Sacred Heart

Eight priests of the diocese of Erie celebrated their jubilee years. They are:

Rev. Msgr. Bruce R. Allison – 60 years

Rev. William M. Kuba – 60 years

Rev. Msgr. Charles A. Kaza – 50 years

Rev. Msgr. Robert M. Malene – 50 years

Very Rev. Chris M. Hamlett, V.F. – 40 years

Rev. James P. McCormick – 40 years

Very Rev. Richard J. Allen, E.V. – 25 years

Rev. Michael G. DeMartinis – 25 years

The Serra Club of Erie also honored five diocesan deacons including:

Deacon Martin P. Eisert – 25 years

Deacon Dennis M. Kudlak – 20 years

Deacon William A. Sproveri – 20 years

Deacon Raymond L. Wiehagen – 20 years

Deacon William H. Wright – 20 years


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