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Member Testimonials

All my life I have wanted to be a missionary. I have wanted to carry the gospel message to those who have never heard of God and the kingdom He has prepared for them.

~ Saint Junipero Serra

Dennis Deiner

Serra Club of Erie, President

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Serra Member Since 2011

I joined the Serra Club of Erie roughly nine years ago. Dan Brabender thought I would enjoy and benefit from the experience. To be honest, I had no idea what the club did. As a practicing Roman Catholic, the idea of promoting vocations with like-minded people appealed to me. Today it is a very important part of my life. I never imagined that Serra would mean so much to me! The praying aspect, events and the new friends are bonuses I never expected. I encourage you to come to a couple events before you make up your mind. I'm certain you won't regret the decision.

Kathy Wayman

Serra Club of Erie, Trustee

My husband, Dave, joined the Serra Club in 2011 and felt very positive about what he was experiencing. Soon after, I joined and have felt it has helped me become committed to praying daily for the seminarians, priests, deacons, and religious brothers and sisters. It has been enriching and enlightening to become acquainted with some of these individuals through events such as evening prayers and dinner with the seminarians at St. Mark’s Seminary in Erie, ushering at ordinations, luncheon for honoring Erie Diocese Jubilarians, and mass for the recently deceased religious, to name a few. It has been helpful to get to know the members of the Serra Club who are committed Roman Catholics and want to encourage religious vocations in others.


Serra Member Since 2012

James Toohey

Serra Club of Erie, VP of Membership

James Toohey.jpg

Serra Member Since 2011

It’s a quality, active Catholic organization whose mission is promote and affirm all who are living a life dedicated to loving and serving God and those discerning this unique call from Him which is the holiest and highest calling mankind can experience.


We are privileged to be members of Serra as we grow in our own relationship with God while we commit to this challenge of assisting those who are responsible to guide us in our desire of achieving eternal salvation which should be the ultimate goal we all seek to attain.

Joanne Donohue Deiner

Serra Club of Erie, Member

I have to admit, until Spring of 2017, I had never heard of the Serra Club. I was invited to several monthly luncheon meetings. There I met several men and women dedicated to supporting vocations. Through those meetings, I was also enlightened about many aspects of my Roman Catholic faith. I was drawn in by the wonderful speakers that included our Bishop, priests, sisters, deacons and lay persons that truly live their faith. So, one year later, I joined the club and pray daily for vocations in our diocese.

There are many opportunities during the year to honor the local representatives of our faith. Some of the activities are The Jubilarian Luncheon for sisters and priests celebrating hallmark years of service, the picnic at Camp Notre Dame for the women religious of our local Orders, the Installation Dinner honoring our priest, sister, deacon and lay person of that year.

Altar server recognition and dinner with the current seminarians are two very rewarding events that Serrans can participate in. Also, in addition to our monthly meetings, the Serra Club comes together annually for a retreat led by one of our Chaplains on various spiritual topics which is informative and inspiring. I am very happy to be a Serra Club member and would encourage anyone interested to attend a meeting and approach a member regarding joining.

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Serra Member Since 2018

Daniel Schaaf

Serra Club of Erie, Member

Dan Schaaf.jpg

Serra Member Since 2011

I have been blessed to be a member of the Serra Club of Erie for several years now. When I first learned of The Serra Club of Erie, I was intrigued to know more. After my 1st meeting as a guest, I felt right at home. The other members were friendly and faith filled. The mission of The Serra Club of Erie resonated with me: To pray for religious women and men both in formation and in active ministry. I judged the power of prayer could not be put at a high enough importance for those women and men that are walking with God on their own journey. The commitment was minimal, but our work is important.


I believe we need good priests and women religious in our churches and the examples they represent is so critical to the formation of young people. I like the feeling of a call to action every time I say the Serra prayer. It helps me to focus for a couple of minutes on those religious and their challenges. I’ve found that being a Serra Club of Erie member helps me to take ownership of my own behaviors and habits in a good way. I’ve belonged to other organizations and The Serra Club of Erie is a limited commitment which is good for me as my work pulls me in a number of directions. I would recommend considering becoming a member of The Serra Club of Erie. I don’t think you’d be sorry if you did!

Francis V. Kloecker III

Serra Club of Erie, Member

Being a member of the Serra Club reminds me of my daily obligation to pray for an increase in vocations, which we need now more than ever. It also helps me to keep the conversation going with younger generations about discerning a religious vocation.

Serra Logo.png

Serra Member Since 2018

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