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@2017 Serra Club of Erie, Pa.

Parish Photographs are courtesy of the Diocese of Erie


Membership Committments

  • As a Serran we are each committed to daily pray the Serran prayer for vocations.

  • Each Serran is committed to attend Mass on a specific day of each month and to pray for the success of Serra.

  • Each Serran is assigned a prayer partner (a seminarian or a novice) and is requested to contact them and let them know that they are praying for the success of their discernment.  In addition, they are requested to communicate with them on a regular basis during the year to encourage them and to be available in whatever way possible.

  • Attend our Club's annual retreat organized by our two chaplains the purpose of which is to strengthen our spiritual commitment to Serra.  We have additional special activities during the year focused on our spiritual growth.

Serra Club Activities

  • Monthly meetings

  • 31 Clubs

  • Jubilarian Luncheon - we sponsor this event for all of our priest and sisters who have attained 25 years or more of religious life.

  • Certain months attend a mass and dinner at St. Mark's with the current seminarians.  This provides an opportunity to get acquainted with them.

  • Installation Dinner and Awards for Outstanding Priest, Religious, Deacon, and Layperson Achievement Award.

  • Religious Life Picnic.

  • Mass for Vocations—8:00 am at Carmel every month.

  • Assist with certain events in the Diocese for example - Ordination and Chrism Mass.